Some fundamentals of customer behaviour and ROI


In order to keep up with developments in the rapidly changing marketing landscape, I subscribe to a number of US marketing-related websites that provide daily articles, webcasts, podcasts, blogs, etc., most of which are entirely free! How good is that??!! Obviously, content marketing is truly alive, well – and indeed flourishing – in the US. Anyway, here are three recent articles that I have found to be extremely insightful and that I will no doubt quote from in my next Marketing Fundamentals course!

The Science Behind Why Every Buy Is An Emotional Buy

This relatively brief article by Kathryn Gillett on, provides evidence that supports my contention that customers and consumers buy with their hearts but rationalise their purchases with their heads. Therefore, to delight customers and/or exceed their expectations, we must satisfy their emotional needs!

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Twitter Marketing: How To Use Twitter For Business

This is a 40 minute interview by Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner with Mark Schaefer, author of Return On Influence and The Tao of Twitter. Schaefer reveals how he uses Twitter to create stronger customer relationships and improve customer service.

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Measuring Social Media: How To Determine Your ROI

This is a 28 minute interview by Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner with Nichole Kelly, who is the author of How To Measure Social Media and CEO of Social Media Explorer.

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